Searching for the ideal solicitor starts here

In order to help you find the right solicitor or legal advice for you, we have provided this brief outline of what the different legal specialist areas are.

It designed to help you narrow the focus of your search down, so that you quickly get to the right legal advisers that can help with your individual situation.

Family Law

There maybe times when you face difficult decisions regarding your family.

These may include:

Co-habiting as an unmarried couple

Civil partnerships

Getting a divorce

Separation Agreements


Child custody, maintenance and residence agreements

Seeking an injunction

Domestic violence

It’s important to get expert legal advice to help you understand the legal implications of the choices you make. A Family Law specialist will help guide you through all the legal implications and aspects of an often difficult time in your life.

Immigration & Asylum

Becoming a UK citizen

Asylum and refugee claims

Migration status problems

Dealing with the Home Office

Seeking permanent residency

Visa issues

Immigration and asylum law can be complicated and it’s easy to run into legal difficulties without the expert advice.

Mental Health

Power of attorney

Care orders

Court of protection cases

Wills and probate

The law regarding mental health is a specialist area, that you may need top seek help on. Especially if you, or someone in your care, needs legal guidance for mental health issues.


Buying a property

Selling a property

Remortgaging a property

Buying to let

Leaseholder rights

Landlord rights

Property searches

Whenever you move, buy, rent or remortgage a property you will need professional help from a qualified conveyance

Personal Injury

Road Traffic accidents

When you suffer ingoing pain following an accident

When you have had an accident at work

Worker compensation

Sports injuries

Medical negligence

Military accidents

Abuse claims

Asbestos Compensation

When you have suffered an injury but don’t have insurance

These are just some of the many cases a specials solicitor can help with. Any personal injury claim is a legal process designed to recover financial compensation for anyone who has suffered injury or harm by the actions of another person. Your specialist solicitor will guide you and your family through the process of making a claim and can also provide access to rehabilitation and medical support at the same time as fighting for compensation.

Medical and clinical negligence

Birth injury

A&E compensation

Care home claims

Cosmetic surgery claims

Medical misdiagnosis

Surgery claims

Cancer claims

Different to personal injury claims, medical and clinical negligence claims require the proof of two separate points. Firstly (FAULT), you must prove that that the healthcare professional failed in their duty to carry out their responsibilities to you. Secondly (AVOIDABLE HARM), you must also prove that this failure led directly to the position you now find yourself in.

Employment law

Employment law


Full time work

Part time work

Agency staff

Temporary workers


Professional negligence

Professional discipline

Holiday pay

Pension disputes

Pay issues

Bullying or harassment

Employment contracts


Equal pay

Whistle blower protection

Garden leave

Maternity / paternity

Disciplinary hearings

Stress at work

If you are facing a problem at work, then it’s vital that you get up-to-date and professional advice. Understanding your legal position and what you can do about what has, or is, happening is an important first step in getting through the stress caused by unfair or ambiguous treatment.